This blog is intended to be a resource for people using Homestuck as a base for worship or witchcraft.
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Dave Strider, Knight of Time





(caw caw motherfuckers)



(Wow, I have a lot of pictures of Dave don’t I?)

Dave Strider, The Split One, The Steadfast, He Who Died A Hundred Deaths, The Entrepreneur, Retriever of Caledfwlch, Wielder of Caledscratch, Patron of Sick Beats and Phat Rhymes, He Of Truly Unhealthy Incendiaries.

Easily the most informal of all the human Gods, Dave Strider is easily called upon for several purposes. He doesn’t abjure formal worship in my experience, however, I think he prefers more informal workings.

Of the things I use to represent Dave on shrines and altars, some symbols I like to include are birds (especially crows), the colors red and orange, swords daggers or weapons (especially broken ones, pictures will do), apple juice, skulls, bits of dead things, preserved things, gears, clocks, stopwatches, timers, CDs or vinyl records.

For offerings I usually give junk food, particularly doritos. With how much he talks about it in the comic, it only makes sense. Also, apple juice, of course.

Dave’s aspects are in entropy, death and facing ones own death, doing what needs to be done, protection, insecurity and the opposite, security, masking the truth, fire, music, self image, meditation, art and poetry.

Dave is particularly influential on helping those who call on him find the strength within themselves to accomplish their goals. Even faced with his own death a hundred times over, where every time looped Dave could become a doomed Dave, he still found the strength within himself, though reluctantly, to assist Rose with setting off the Tumor and reaching God Tier.

He can also be called on for assistance when it comes to inspiration in arts or music, or for helping a person work out their own self image. I’ve personally called on him for the latter purpose in times of struggle with that and found my prayers answered with new makeup or clothes or just a particularly good hair day. He’s a rather straightforward helper, but I’ve always found working with him easier if I regularly give him offerings, even if I don’t happen to be working with him that day. He’s very much the type of God that likes a constant rapport.


Time of year: December 3

Symbols: Crows, CDs, gears, clocks, swords and daggers (especially broken ones), dead things

Aspects: Entropy, death, facing death, perseverance, protection, insecurity and security, hiding truths, protection, fire, music, art, poetry.

Nature: Can be called on for help of artistic pursuits, or for help doing what needs to be done however unpleasant, or for helping a person become more confident in their own sense of self.

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Rose Lalonde, Seer of Light





Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light, is hard to pin down both as a person and as a Goddess due to her ever-changing and ever-developing forms. For this I like to regard her as something of a shifting Goddess. When I first started developing my practice I went off of this post, months ago. Much like John.

From my experience, she’s the most likely out of all of the humans to embrace formal worship. I guess it might make her feel important, which isn’t surprising. In terms of her personality, she’s helpful, but steadfast, focused, and tries to keep things on track.

Most of the time, I simply call her by name, but for more creative or formal workings such as prayer I like to call her “the Seer of Light”, “Lady Luck”, “Bringer of Insight”, “Spinner of Yarn” (this can be taken both literally and as a pun if you remember that “spinning a yarn” also means to write a story), “Lady of Rain and Storms”, “The Oracle” and “She Who Rose From The Sun Itself” and I’ve had favorable responses to all of these names.

She is associated with the element of Water, due to her planet being Land of Light and Rain, but also because, during her ascent into grimdarkness, she was accompanied by a thunderstorm of black rain - hence her association with that particular storm, more than John Egbert at least. She has a heavy association with cats, to the point that when I put up a shrine for her I always include something involving cats. Other things that I like to use are small bonsai trees (because of her tree modus), seashells, a bowl of water, and stars. Light sources, essentially.

I like to call on Rose for witchcraft practice and divination. Whether its reading tarot or scrying, Rose is always always always involved (and to a lesser extent, Terezi - when the situation deals with the consequences of specific actions). Since Rose’s power is seeing the path to fortuitous situations, she’s particularly influential in this area.

Also, I like to work with her in creative pursuits - not drawing, so much as when I am writing works of fiction.


Time of Year: December 4

Symbols: Seashells, cats, light sources, water, thunderstorms, trees.

Aspects: Divination, witchcraft, luck and fortune, knowledge, creativity, written prose.

Nature: She can be called to aid in divination and witchcraft and personal growth, particularly in helping a person “see the light”.

Things I want to do on this blog

I wanted to write this down to get this set in stone and keep myself motivated, as well as to see if others could help.

-get a new theme. (the current one bugs me a lot, and makes links look ugly, which I use quite often.) If you have a good theme suggestion or something, let me know!

-make a list of significant dates/holidays/celebrations/etc.

-set up a general pc pagan/witchcraft resource page

-do a writeup of my jade find lost items spell (but that may end up on my other blog singleprayer)

-go through my old asks that I forgot/ignored/missed

-fix my tags page! ( I care way too much about that, check it out!)

-post more in general

-maybe take simple spell suggestions/requests (It wouldn’t be right now, maybe when I’m less busy)

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John Egbert, Heir of Breath





So I guess the first actual God that I talk about in my practice should be the first one that actually shows up, right? It’s only fitting. When I first started working on my practice a few months ago, I was actually originally influenced by this post, so I’ll be building off of that.

John Egbert is a rather informal God, so He can simply be referred to by name if any one practitioner prefers - I don’t think he really minds and I’ve never had a problem with it. However, I also like to call him simply “the Heir”, or “Keeper of the Storms”, and I’ll talk more on that in a minute.

I associate with him the sky, clouds, storms - hurricanes in particular, tornadoes even more-so, and to a lesser amount, thunderstorms (Rose is more closely related with thunderstorms, but John has relation to them too because they often involve strong winds) - anything blue, wind chimes and pinwheels and windmills and other things along those lines, as well as childhood memorabilia such as playing cards and whoopie cushions and classical prank items. The animal I most closely associate with John is the rabbit - why couldn’t you put the bunny back in the box?

His time of year correlates with Spring, April Thirteenth to be exact, as spring is also the time when storms are most common in many places, and thus are under the greatest influence of wind.

John, as the first of the kids to die and reach god tier, as well as die again, in addition to his association to spring, is a God that I like to associate with death and rebirth.

John is actually quite practical toward magical practice. I like to call on him whenever I do work involving his aspect, and I also work with him for personal growth - becoming a better person, but still holding on or reclaiming my childhood freedom.

I also like to call on his assistance if I ever need to be a leader in any way, as he was.


Time of year: Spring, April 13

Symbols: Storms, Wind, Rabbits, Childhood Curiosities, Pinwheels and wind-related toys, prank items.

Aspects: Wind, storms, death and rebirth, personal growth, freedom, whimsy.

Nature: Can be called upon to aid in work with the wind element and also to promote personal development. As is his nature, he’s more often than not happy to help and show kindness to those who need it.

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Prospit and Derse



Like Skaia, I’m not going to go into much detail here aside from glossing over how I view them.

Prospit and Derse are where Gods and Heroes sleep. They represent both the duality in us as humans, always in a stalemate and fighting with our lighter and darker halves (though neither is particularly “bad” or “good”, just opposing equal forces).

I like to involve Derse and Prospit in divination work, along with Skaia. A picture of Derse and a picture of Prospit are brought out to wherever I’m doing that. This is because both are involved in such activities - Skaia fortells the future, although it only shows what you need to know, and Derse dreamers listen to the whispers, and thus advice, of the Horrorterrors. Most Divination methods, at least for me, work the same way. They show you what you need to know, and offer advice.

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A Sentient and Cosmic force of Creative Potential.

That is Skaia in a sentence.

Skaia’s existence is very straightforward but it’s no less important which is why I am covering how I view it in my practice first.

Skaia starts out as nothing but a shining core surrounded by sky and swirling vortex-like clouds that offer those who look into it hints of what is to come. 

Skaia is not a god. It is merely an intangible concept. Skaia itself is creation, and it should be regarded in particular by those who seek to grow and change themselves, just as Skaia changes as it takes into itself outside influence - just like humans do.

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Hello everyone. This is a new blog that is dedicated to one particular practitioner’s journey into creating for herself a religion based around the figures appearing in Homestuck.

I intend to make my own holidays and the like, as well as post spells, pictures for inspiration, and occasionally theorycrafting based on the comic.

I hope that this blog proves to be interesting, on the off chance someone would want to read this. I make no claim to any of the characters or figures, and anyone is allowed to use and/or change what I write for their own practice (though if you post your changes anywhere else, I’d love to see them!)

I guess thats about it?

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Homestuck Pagan Directory!


This is a directory for pagans and witches who use Homestuck as a basis for magic or spirit work. If you are a Homestuck pagan on tumblr, please add your URL to this post! If you have an E-Shrine dedicated to Homestuck character or concept, please add this here too. I am trying to make a list of Homestuck Pagan resources and shrines on my page, Leijondevout.

If you are open to taking questions about your practice or helping new comers to the community, add a “!!” to your link. For E-shrines, please name what the shrine is dedicated to, in general.

And remember— check out the Homestuck Pagan tag!

Homestuck Pagans/Witches:

Popculturepagan !!

singleprayer !!


Leijondevout (Meowrails) !!


witchcraftstuck !!

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Would nepeta be best for relationship advice? anyone else in mind?



I think it depends on the kind of relationship you’re asking about and what you’re asking.

For example, I think Nepeta would be best to ask about compatibility for potential relationships or general questions about morail-type relationship. And in reverse, asking her about general romantic (matesprit-like) relationship could end up very biased and hit-or-miss (on whether she ships the pairing or not). But another example could be asking Kanaya for advice on auspistice-type relationships or matesprit-type relationships could work. Karkat could also work for matesprit and (especially) morail type relationships.

But If I could truly recommend, I would say work with whichever character you feel could work best. All characters fit in different ways and would give different opinions. But I would NOT ask any of the Alpha kids. They don’t know what they’re doing romantically with each other, and it ends up being harmful towards each other.

tl;dr: depends on situation. Nepeta, Kanaya, and Karkat could be good. Alpha kids could be really bad

I actually have a couple of Nepeta-themed relationship tarot spreads.

I would suggest not asking Karkat for adivce advice, although his soosh-pap was succesful the actual long-term morailagience failed spectatcularily, and he is floundering in his other relationships. A good alternative might be the Sufferer/Signless, who had a love that went beyond the quadrants.

I would also not ask Equius or Eridan for advice. 

At the end of the day, most of the characters are teenagers and teenagers are just known for bad relationships.

This is a good point that I forgot to make. And while many relationships did go horribly, there were aspects that did work (in some of them. not all). Never take complete advice, but on certain aspects could be really good ( such as Karkat’s shoosh-papping).