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nonononono look your land is supposed to challenge you to help you become a better person not reflect your needs that’s why rose’s was so bright and colorful and john’s so dark and jade’s so cold. 

Dave was insecure enough to the point he had to desperately hold onto his “cool kid” persona and needed a lot of attention. His land is desolate.


Dirk has serious control and anxiety issues. His land is a giant city.


It puts you out of your comfort zone.

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Two Nepeta Spreads for your Romantic Life!

Nepeta is on her way on becoming a master of the Quadrants and Red Romance, and these spreads help you guide your own. She can’t make love happen, and her predictions aren’t fool proof to the ever changing formula of love, but they put you on a good foot. Both of these spreads should be preceded by asking Nepeta, Rogue of Heart, to help guide your cards and interpretation. End the reading by thanking her for her help!

==>Nepeta’s Shipping Wall Spread

This spread is for helping you seek your quadrant mates! As humans don’t work with troll quadrants, and even trolls can have empty quadrants or poly-filled quadrants, these cards are not quadrant specific. You will lay at 8 cards, in the order shown above, in two rows of four. 

The top row of cards function as the quadrant- this is the trait that defines the relationship. Will this be a happy, generous matespritship? A rivalry that will fuel you forward in a healthy kesmisisitude? A calming, breezy moiralleigence? This is the card that guides you. Note, if the card seems to show a trait that is not a marker of a healthy relationship, this is a warning. Remember, even the black and ashen quadrants are mutually beneficial to both members of the relationship and are *not* abusive. Judge these traits carefully.

The card below represents the trait found in the romantic partner who will give you the above relationship. What about them stands out in your potential relationship? How will this person bring out the above trait in your relationship. The answer is below.  If the above trait is a positive relationship that you seek, seek out the trait below. Look for somebody who has this card in their heart. If the trait above is negative, avoid people who have this card.

==>Nepeta’s Matchmaker Spread

If you already have a person in mind, this spread evaluates your potential relationship with that person. Lay four cards down in two rows of two. Then place a fifth, final, card at the bottom face down.

The two right-side-up cards on the left represent traits in the person you have in mind. Are they familiar? You know the person in mind well. if they are not familiar, these might be traits that only come out with them when they are in relationships. To the right, is the reaction that will come out in your (potential) relationship. These might be traits that come from you, your partner, or both mutually. Are these good traits that support a healthy quadrant? If they are, pursue it! Are these negative traits? Maybe not.

When you are done interperting the four cards, flip the final card. This is the final verdict on if you should pursue the relationship from Nepeta. This should be read as a simple yes/no and perhaps a hint of which quadrant to pursue. If this card seems strange to you, if it is unexpected, re-read the top four cards. Where you perhaps considering the relationship in a different quadrant? Did the cards hint at something else? Try to see the cards from a different perspective, because she sees it differently than you. Take both interpretations into consideration, because nobody knows you better than you. 


These spreads should help your search for love. Nepeta knows that sometimes all people need is a push in the right direction, a suggestion to pursue or to ignore, to find the purr-fect match! :33 <33!!